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by Cenydd Ros

The Sixth Book of Moses
A peaceful Jewish village faces the ultimate evil when a Nazi necromancer comes seeking an ancient book of magic.
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Frontier adventurer James Bowie carved an empire out of the wilderness. The Sandbar is a brief excerpt from a life filled with battles, both small and large. The ill-fated duel that took place on September 19th of the year 1827 would make Bowie a legend in his own time. Nearly ten years before the Battle of the Alamo, which would immortalize James Bowie in the annals of American history, 'The Sandbar' relates how and why his very name could instill fear into the hearts of other men. The events retold here are largely true, though fictionalized by the author to render a coherent and rounded tale that can stand on its own. All of the characters in The Sandbar, save one, were real men and were present on the day depicted in the story’s telling. Actual quotes, preserved for us by the participants of these events, have been used. It is a story of adventure, a story of violence, and a story that reflects the atmosphere and the men of its time.

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In the long run, America's lasting contribution to humanity will be the legacy of NASA.

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Cenydd Ros

Author, futurist, archaeologist, racecar driver & mechanic.
Cenydd Ros & Major the Lion (1974)
Author of
The Sandbar - short
The Sixth Book Of Moses - novella/screenplay
Spiders - short
The Mapmaker's Watch - short
Mobius Strip - screenplay
Red Chihuahua - novel/screenplay
Blood Sea - screenplay
Bible Black - screenplay
Mexico City Headhunters - screenplay
We Never Sleep - short story series